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Mariusz GŁĄBOWSKI, Member (Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, 60-965 Poland).


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1.Introduction and mission

 The mission of IEICE Europe Section (IEICE EUS) is to increase the collaboration between the IEICE and the IEICE-EUS, strengthen networking among IEICE and IEICE-EUS members, enable sharing of cutting-edge technological knowledge by holding dedicated events, and facilitate collaborations between academia and industry.

 Currently, we are still in the process of defining different tasks, so that IEICE will be able to easier expand its academic activities and services to IEICE members in Europe through the Section. The strategic goal is to increase perspectives for collaboration and encourage joint initiatives of academia and industry in Europe and Japan.

 The initiatives that already support and will prospectively support the continued development of cooperation between European and Japanese technical universities and companies are as follows:

・ Organization of the annual IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum (IEICE ICTF)

・ Establishment of a dedicated panel or workshop during ICTF conferences, devoted to bilateral projects between Japan and European countries

・ Providing information on EU-JP cooperation dedicated programs on the www page of the section

・ Increasing the number of IEICE members in Europe

・ Involving more IEICE Europe Section members in the Section’s activities

・ Organization of the biennial event: Special Section in IEICE TCOM

・ Organization of thematic workshops

・ Encouraging more in-depth involvement of other sections than Communication Society in the work of the Europe Section over a sustained period.

 The organizational structure of the IEICE Europe Section is as follow:

・ Representative: Mariusz Głąbowski, Prof., Poznan University of Technology (E-mail address: mariusz.glabowski@put.poznan.pl)

・ Deputy Representative: Piotr Zwierzykowski, Associate Prof., Poznan University of Technology (E-mail address: piotr.zwierzykowski@put.poznan.pl)

・ Treasurer: Maciej Piechowiak, Assistant Prof., Kazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz, Poland (e-mail address: mpiech@ukw.edu.pl)

2.Main Activities of the Section

2.1 Conferences

 Among the above initiatives, our main event promoting IEICE activities is still the IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum. This annual Forum, taking place in various European academic cities, allows us to identify the dominant topics of interest for the IEICE European Section members. The forum serves as a convenient ‘research introduction’ of the Section to the rest of the IEICE. A long-term goal of IEICE ICTF is also to foster network and mutual collaboration between different sections of IEICE.

 From 2011 to 2013 the Forum took place in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the name of Sarajevo Technology Forum. The successes of Sarajevo Technology Forums led the IEICE Europe Section committee to rename the Forum as IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum (ICTF) in order to broaden the area of impact to the whole Europe. The subsequent editions took place in Poznan (2014), Manchester (2015), Patras (2016), and Poznan again (2017). The Forums are technically sponsored by IEICE, the Communications Society of IEICE (IEICE-CS) and by the universities hosting the Forums. All IEICE ICTF proceedings are available in the IEICE i-scover archiving system.

 Every year, the ICTF is strongly supported by keynote speakers, industry speakers, as well as invited speakers from universities. We would like to thank our keynote speakers for their fantastic lectures, i.a., Prof. Fumiyuki Adachi, Prof. Masaki Aida, Prof. George Karagiannidis, Prof. Kenichi Mase, Prof. Ifiok Otung, Dr. Yuji Inoue, Dr. Werner Prost, Prof. Shigeo Shioda, Dr. Kazue Sako, Prof. Maciej Stasiak, Prof. Toshitaka Tsuda.

 We would also like to thank industry speakers presenting to the academic world the newest trends and problems in the ICT industry, i.a., to speakers representing NEC (Kazue Sako), NTT (Shinji Matsuo), Alcatel-Lucent (Haris Gačanin, Mamoun Guenach, Fahim Kawsar, Anna Wielgoszewska), Samsung (Adam Panasiuk), Nokia-Siemens Networks (Reza Holakouei) and Mentor Graphics (Grzegorz Mrugalski), Networks! (Mariusz Kaniecki), Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre (Cezary Mazurek).

 On the other hand, we are very thankful to our academic colleagues from various universities, i.a., to: Dr. Khaled Rabie, Dr. Rupak Kharel and Dr. Bamidele Adebisi from Manchester Metropolitan University, Prof. Aleksandra Pižurica and Dr. Guy Torfs from Ghent University, Dr. Osamu Muta from Kyushu University, Dr. Dejan Vukobratovic from University of Novi Sad, Dr. Sinan Sinanovic, Glasgow Caledonian University, Dr. Abolfazl Mehbodniya, Tohoku University, Kentaroh Toyoda from Keio University, Dr. Darko Zibar from Technical University of Denmark, Dr. Sujan Rajbhandari from University of Oxford, Dr. Wasiu O. Popoola from University of Edinburgh, Dr. Sunday Cookey Ekpo from University of Manchester, Dr. Maciej Piechowiak from Kazimierz Wielki University.

 Apart from the main IEICE ICTF events, IEICE-EUS also organized smaller thematic workshops, i.e. IEICE Wireless Networks Workshop in 2013 and IEICE-EUS Workshop on Networks Optimization and Dimensioning in 2016. IEICE Europe Section also technically co-sponsored several important conferences organized in Europe: the European Wireless Conference EW2012, the International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing CSNDSP, SmartCom 2016 in Oulu, Finland.

2.2 Journals:

 IEICE Europe Section contributes to journal content. In 2014 members of the IEICE EUS were co-responsible for the preparation of the Special Section on EU’s FP7 ICT R & D Project Activities on Future Broadband Access Technologies in Conjunction with Main Topics of 2013 IEICE ICT Forum in IEICE Transactions on Communications. In 2016, a subsequent Special Section on European ICT R & D Project Activities on Broadband Access Technologies in Conjunction with Main Topics of 2015 IEICE ICT Forum, led by IEICE-EUS members, was published in IEICE Transactions on Communications.

 Extended versions of papers submitted to the conferences organized by the IEICE-EUS were also published in special issues of the Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology in 2014 and 2016, as well as in Image Processing & Communications (two issues in 2016, one issue scheduled to 2017).

3.Plans for Section’s Improvements & Current Problems

 Our current plan, leading to improvements of the IEICE-EUS, focus mostly on increasing the number of European researchers being involved in IEICE activities, mostly from Austria and Greece, as well as on increasing the number of papers submitted to IEICE journals by European members. Our goal is also to involve people working for Japanese companies located in Europe in participating the conferences and events organized by our Section. The main problem we currently deal with is limited success in involving Japanese researchers in participating in IEICE EUS ICTF conferences.

4.Further Plan of Action

 The plan action for the next twelve months covers an organization of our main event, it is the IEICE ICTF conference in July 2018. The conference will take place in Graz, Austria. We are also going to support the International Workshop on Smart Wireless Communications in Rome and to organize a workshop on Modelling Optical Nodes and Networks in spring 2018.

 Acknowledgements IEICE Europe Section would like to thank IEICE, IEICE-CS and IEICE-ES for their financial sponsorship which ensured that our conferences were opened not only to the authors of accepted papers and registered participants, but also to all students interested in information and communication technology.

(Manuscript received September 19, 2017.
Manuscript final received October 13, 2017.)


Mariusz GŁĄBOWSKI(Member)

 Mariusz Głąbowski received the Ph. D. and D. Sc. (Habilitation) degrees in telecommunications from the Poznan University of Technology, Poland. He is engaged in research in the area of performance analysis and modelling of multiservice networks and switching systems. Mariusz Głąbowski has been working professionally in IEICE designated fields since 1997. He continues the work of the former chair of IEICE-EUS, Dr. Haris Gacanin, working on the further promotion of IEICE activities.

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